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"PSU has worked with LECO for many, many years. They are a friendly, family oriented business who responds to problems quickly and professionally. Last year we worked together to replace all of the washers with Energy Star qualified front load machines and student satisfaction has increased dramatically. I highly recommend them."

-- Plymouth State University
Address: 270 Amory St. Suite 14, Manchester, NH 03102
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Laundry Vending in Manchester, NH

Equipment Sales

While a large part of LECO's customer base prefers to have a vending relationship with us, for a variety of reasons many of our customers prefer to own and operate the laundry equipment themselves. These ‘owner/operators' are a valued part of the LECO family. We take pride in helping these owner/operators set up and maintain their laundry facilities, and we have the same commitment to excellence in these cases as we do with our vending customers. Whether purchasing new or used, basic or ‘top of the line' equipment, our sales customers are able to benefit from our decades of experience in the industry.

Vended equipment

In these days of advanced systems and technology, many property owners and college residence officials realize that the laundry business has advanced light years beyond the washboard and wringer-tub type equipment. Because of this, people in charge of common area laundry rooms often decide to contract with a laundry vending systems specialist (commonly called a ‘Route Operator' in the industry). Doing so allows professionals to concentrate on their core businesses. Typically, when engaging the service of a route operator, the customer agrees to allow the route operator to place vended laundry equipment on the property for a specified period of time in exchange for a share in the revenues from the equipment.
Many companies exist that specialize in providing vended laundry equipment. Route Operators range in size from very large operations covering most of the nation and having hundreds of thousands of machines under contract to very small ‘mom & pop' operations with a couple dozen machines. Somewhere along this continuum (OK, not very close to the ‘hundred thousand machine' size) lies Laundry Equipment Corp. of Manchester, NH. While not a giant in the industry, LECO is just the right size to provide technology and services that rival the big guys, but still offer the personal service and contact that many in New England highly value. Our very high technician to machine ratio, and rigorous technician training assure that our equipment is maintained in top-notch condition. And our size allows us to pick up and adapt to new ideas and technology easily and quickly. For more than 45 years LECO has grown (with many of our customers) and changed with the times, becoming a respected member of the laundry industry.