270 Amory St. Suite 14, Manchester, NH 03102
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Laundry Equipment Corp
"Because of LECO’s commitment to our whole community, we have been a leader in providing laundry equipment that is accessable to residents and students who are wheelchair mobile."

-- Mike Brunette, LECO
Address: 270 Amory St. Suite 14, Manchester, NH 03102
Phone: 603-627-3904


Americans with Disabilities Association Compliant Machines in Manchester, NH

Because we believe in serving the whole community regardless of disability, LECO is a leader in providing units that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Association guidelines for users who are confined to wheelchairs and still are independent and do their own laundry. We offer Speed Queen's Horizon™ EDC washers designed with front controls to meet the needs of all users. Contact LECO today for more information.