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Laundry Equipment Corp
“ I've known companies that provide good service, the folks of LECO extend their service above and beyond, always very pleasant and quick to respond to our needs. It's a pleasure working with them.”

-- Southern NH University
Address: 270 Amory St. Suite 14, Manchester, NH 03102
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Vended Laundry Equipment in Manchester, NH

College Dormitory Laundry Rooms

LECO serves many college dormitory facilities throughout Northern New England, and we take great pride in providing well managed, clean and attractive laundry rooms that impact a student's university life experience. We offer the latest technology, allowing for card operation which relieves the need to hunt for quarters. As environmentally conscious many of our campus laundry rooms feature energy efficient front loading washers. Our goal is to offer the best, honest, transparent laundry experience for our student clientele.

Laundry Amenities for Apartment and Condominium Communities

The apartment complex and condominium communities rely on amenities like on-site laundry facilities to keep the residents and all vacancies highly occupied. A well maintained, bright and clean laundry facility ensures that the residents quality of life is convenient and that they never have seen an ‘out of order’ sign on any washer or dryer. Our lightning fast response to service calls guarantees that your property will benefit from our high-tech customer focused laundry vending services.

Hotel and Motel Guest Laundry Service Amenities

Guests at a hotel or motel are impressed with clean laundry facilities and the convenience that they bring to a short or an extended stay. When reliable equipment and a clean room is well maintained, it makes a lasting impression on your guest’s memory and will have them coming back. LECO ensures that the equipment is always operational with our lightning fast service and a bright and clean facility for your guests’ convenience.