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"Whether you are interested in vended laundry equipment or purchase new or used, basic or ‘top of the line’ equipment, our customers are able to benefit from our decades of experience in the industry."

-- Mike Brunette, LECO
Address: 270 Amory St. Suite 14, Manchester, NH 03102
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Frequently Asked Laundry Questions in Manchester, NH

Q: What brand of laundry equipment does LECO handle?
A: Because of their reliability, superior performance, up to date technology, and excellent reputation for support, LECO uses only the Speed Queen brand of equipment from Alliance Laundry Systems.
Q: How do I decide if I should purchase the laundry equipment or use your ‘Route Operation’?
A: If you would rather not tie up your capital in the equipment, concern yourself with future service issues, or handle the day-to-day duties (collections, preventative maintenance, etc.) then the Route Operation is for you. Otherwise, purchasing the equipment might be right for you. We’d be happy to discuss the details with you.
Q: How much equipment do I need for my size apartment building?
A: The general rule of thumb is 1 set (1 washer & 1 dryer) for every 6 families. Obviously, a building with many units having children might want a higher ratio, where a building with mostly elderly or single residents might not need as much.
Q: Would LECO take a 3 or 4 unit building as a Route account?
A: Depending on agreed to variables, we do have Route accounts in this size range, although in these cases, it is usually better for the owner to purchase the equipment.
Q: I have laundry equipment that I’ve purchased from someone else. Will LECO service that equipment?
A: We are happy to service the Speed Queen brand of multi-housing style laundry equipment.
Q: I’d like to buy commercial grade laundry equipment for my home. Does LECO handle this type of equipment?
A: Because of the nature of domestic equipment and in-home repairs, LECO does not handle equipment in private homes.
Q: I’d like to purchase laundry equipment, but I can get less expensive equipment elsewhere. Why is Speed Queen equipment so expensive?
A: This is one case where you do actually get what you pay for. Speed Queen laundry equipment is designed and built to handle the demands of the multi-family environment, and as such will give years of service beyond what the lower-priced brands can offer.
Q: I manage a nursing home that uses industrial sized laundry equipment. Does LECO handle this equipment?
A: Known as OPL equipment, LECO does not handle this large, industrial type equipment.