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Laundry Equipment Corp
“ I've known companies that provide good service, the folks of LECO extend their service above and beyond, always very pleasant and quick to respond to our needs. It's a pleasure working with them.”

-- Southern NH University
Address: 270 Amory St. Suite 14, Manchester, NH 03102
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Laundry Equipment in Manchester, NH

College Residence Halls

While no one attends a college or university based on the quality of the Residence Hall laundry rooms, LECO feels that a professionally managed, properly equipped, and clean attractive laundry room can have an impact on a students overall quality of life. At LECO we strive to ensure that the laundry rooms we manage have the latest equipment with technology that allows for card operation (no more hunting for quarters!), accurate accounting of revenues, and quick turnaround times. And in these days of the ‘green movement' on campuses many of our laundry rooms are equipped with energy saving front load washers. Our goal is to make the laundry experience as transparent as possible for students.

Apartments and Condominiums

Property managers strive everyday to maintain high occupancy rates in their properties. While many factors come into play when potential or current residents are evaluating properties, often one of the considerations is the amenities offered. A clean, bright, well-equipped common laundry room is something that goes a long way in satisfying people. LECO continuously works with property managers to ensure that residents enjoy the laundry task as much as possible. LECO uses the highest-grade equipment with the most advanced technology in laundry machines, giving residents superior cleaning results with user-friendly operation. And when service is required, LECO's lightning fast-response time on service calls ensures that few, if any, residents ever see an ‘Out of Order' sign on any machine.

Hotel / Motel Guest Services

Visitors to an area, whether on business or for pleasure, expect their lodging accommodations to include many amenities. A clean, pleasant and inviting guest laundry facility is something that helps leave a lasting, good impression with your guests. LECO can provide laundry equipment that is superior in appearance and performance, easy to use, and highly reliable. And when service is needed, LECO realizes the relatively short stay of many guests and responds very quickly.