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Laundry Equipment Corp
"PSU has worked with LECO for many, many years. They are a friendly, family oriented business who responds to problems quickly and professionally. Last year we worked together to replace all of the washers with Energy Star qualified front load machines and student satisfaction has increased dramatically. I highly recommend them."

-- Plymouth State University
Address: 270 Amory St. Suite 14, Manchester, NH 03102
Phone: 603-627-3904


Laundry Vending in Manchester, NH

Laundry Equipment Sales

LECO also is a dealer of new and refurbished laundry equipment and supports owner operators of local laundromats and facilities. We maintain the same level of excellent service for our owner and operator customers as well. We are proud to assist local laundry service business owners. We deliver the same quality customer service and lightning fast response to our owner operators as we do for our vending clients in Northern New England.

Vended Laundry Service

It is a wise and cost-effective solution for some customers as property owners and college campuses to procure the services of a ‘route operator’ who installs laundry equipment and maintains the facility with a share of the vending cash flow revenue as payment for the service. For over forty-five years, LECO is a medium-sized company and has become a leader in the industry. We can handle changes in technology and family style vended laundry customer service with honesty and integrity as well as lightning fast service when needed. Contact us for more information about our route operator services as it is known in the industry or for any other information.